(who also goes by Jon) was born in Uzbekistan to a family of teachers. As such, he majored in English philology at the Uzbekistan State World Languages University with the goal of teaching as his parents did.

“All life is about balance and harmony”

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Jon's Book:

The Immigrant’s Companion:
Making Your American Dream a Reality

If you’ve just arrived in the United States, daunted by the confusing process of legal immigration, allow Jon to share his knowledge and experience.
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Temptations & Accomplishments

When he arrived in the US, AsrorJon found out that the original offer as a guest services agent was a fraud. He had been misled and trapped along with 12 other people forced to live and work in poor conditions in the middle of nowhere without pay.

Four years after leaving his home country and arriving in the US, AsrorJon had climbed the ladder to reach a job with benefits and stability. He was in a good enough spot to start something new and adventurous.

My Projects

Improving Tomorrow,
Together Today

AsrorJon is an active player in many facets of the cleaning industry. He has been a guest speaker for the Maryland Department of the Environment, as well as a speaker on the podcast “Doin The Thing.” He also continues to use technology to advance his companies and their goals. Online lead generation and search engine optimization have allowed him to increase his companies leads exponentially.

His company Interworld Cleaning is doing exceptionally well, with a trademarked name and franchising model ready to hit the road. His other companies are also picking up sales and making waves in their fields. The Green Cleaning Association maintains its philosophy of staying free for everyone, so it isn’t limited only to those who already have a seat at the top of their field.

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