By putting a spotlight on and
empowering two groups of people
that are generally ignored,
immigrants and cleaners, I believe
we can bring a lot more good!


Picture a day when narratives completely shift and paying forward for an immigrant is now a new norm.


Imagine when cleaners and janitors are happier and thus more productive simply because their voices are finally being heard.

Hi! I'm Jon.

Several years ago, I was a penniless immigrant lost and confused in the bustling streets of Baltimore. Now, I’m happily established as an entrepreneur, speaker, author, and father to two adorable daughters. Some say the American dream is unreachable for an immigrant like me. I say otherwise. Was it easy? Absolutely not.
Can the path be reciprocated? Absolutely yes.

My Why

Philanthropy takes many shapes and sizes, and for me, it’s about giving back to the community, helping out where I can, and sharing my experiences so that others may learn from my mistakes and challenges.

After going through a grueling journey from being a broke immigrant lost in a culturally shocking America to the entrepreneur that I am now, I felt that I needed to give something back to the community and wanted to focus on making a difference in the lives of others. I have since become a frequent guest speaker in podcasts and events that tackle immigrant-related themes and the cleaning industry. I also donate regularly to various cause-based organizations including Clean Water CharityChildren’s Miracle NetworkUNICEF.

Most importantly, over the last decade, I have worked in close partnership with the immigrant community. Since establishing Interworld Cleaning, I have worked primarily with struggling immigrants, helping them assimilate in the U.S. in various ways such as providing and/or helping to locate housing, mentoring, connecting them with employers and/or hiring directly for one of my organizations, providing guidance through cumbersome immigration and financial systems, connecting them with a constant stream of customers, and providing them with a steady source of income – all of which are matters that hit home for me as I have been in their shoes before.

How Do I Want To Be Remembered?


Immigrant’s Companion

I’ve made my way through the US immigration system, social services, job market, financial system, and culture – working my way from being a wide-eyed immigrant to the entrepreneur I am now. I want to pay my good fortune forward by sharing my experiences so that other immigrants can more easily navigate the journey that I once took.


Being in the cleaning industry since 2005, both as a cleaner and a business owner, I’ve seen how laborious it still is for customers to conveniently hire a cleaner and for cleaners to maintain a steady stream of income. Therefore, together with two of my friends, I founded KleenUp – a marketplace for on-demand a la carte cleaning services, with the goal of serving a billion-plus people.

Does Any Of This Resinate With You?

If yes, click here to get in touch with me. Together, we can make a difference. 

As Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world. In fact, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Where Else Do I Invest My Time & Energy?

How did I get To This Point?


I left home in Uzbekistan with just $200 in my pocket and flew to the U.S. under the assumption that I would land a job as a hotel front desk agent/receptionist. Instead, I was forced to work in slave-like conditions with no pay doing housekeeping/cleaning and various low level maintenance jobs in the hotel.


Purchased my very first used car, a beat up 1998 Ford Escort, and signed my first 1-bedroom apartment lease.


After years of grinding at multiple odd jobs 18 hours, 7 days a week, I founded my first entrepreneurial venture: Interworld Cleaning


Purchased my very first house and co-founded Fix Construction – a home remodeling company. In the same year, my first daughter was born.


Bought my first investment property a year after my second daughter was born.


Co-founded a real estate investment firm called PRUZ Investments (Puerto Rico & Uzbekistan) with a fellow immigrant from Puerto Rico.


Purchased my first mixed-use property and stepped into the commercial property management arena.


Began writing my first book, The Immigrant’s Companion: Making Your American Dream a Reality.


Achieved 10 rental doors in RE portfolio. In the same year, co-founded KleenUp – a digital marketplace aiming to serve the $97.6bn US cleaning industry.